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Charles McCreery has worked with Celia Green since 1964. He is the co-author with Dr Green of Apparitions (Hamish Hamilton, 1975) and Lucid Dreaming: the Paradox of Consciousness during Sleep (Routledge, 1994). From 1996 to 2000 he was Lecturer in Experimental Psychology at Magdalen College, Oxford.

In addition to links to Dr McCreery’s papers on philosophy, psychology and statistics, this page links to an online version of his book The Abolition of Genius. Oxford Forum plans to issue a hardback edition of this book as soon as funds permit.

If you wish to help financially with advancing the work of Oxford Forum, please visit Dr Celia Green’s blog via the link below, where a Paypal donation button can be found:

Celia Green: Notes from an exiled academic

The Abolition of Genius (PDF)
Oxford Forum, 2012.

An analysis of the relationship between genius and money. Dr McCreery puts forward the controversial thesis that the possession of a private income, either by the genius or by his or her patron, has been a necessary condition of the productivity of the great majority of geniuses throughout history.

‘This is a courageous, well-argued and timely book ...?br> Professor H.J. Eysenck, PhD, DSc

Perception and Hallucination: the Case for Continuity (PDF)
Oxford Forum, Philosophical Paper No. 2006-1.

An analysis of empirical arguments for representationalism.

Dreams and Psychosis: a new look at an old hypothesis (PDF)
Oxford Forum, Psychological Paper No. 2008-1.

A theory of psychosis based on a link between sleep and hyperarousal.

First-year Statistics for Psychology Students
Through Worked Examples

1. Probability and Bayes' Theorem (PDF)

2. Mean, median, mode and skewness (PDF)

3. The Chi-square test (PDF)

4. The t-test and the Mann-Whitney test (PDF)

5. nba odds picks (PDF)

6. Analysis of Variance (PDF)

Tutorials devised for first-year psychology students at Oxford University.