Letter about scope for people to retire to Oxford so as to work with us


I know I must not go on pestering you with information about my position, but before signing off I think I should say that we are very much in need of both money and people, and you or anyone else in an approximately similar position would be very welcome to retire to Oxford to augment our manpower.? An interest in any particular area of work is beside the point, there are a good many areas in which we would be working if not restricted by the lack of funding.?


There is particularly scope for retired graduates to help with our publishing operations.?A lot of work goes into supervising the publication of books.?Printers are very inefficient (partly, I suppose, because only large-scale publishing by large conglomerates is commercially viable).? So nothing can be left to chance and it is always necessary to chase them up about deadlines and look out for errors.


Anyway, we are still trying to expand in the direction of becoming an independent university and publishing company, supported by a business empire.?There is also a lot of scope for investment assistants.


I enclose copies of two letters which I have written recently about my education.?They may give you some idea of the crazy way I was treated, which might interest you as a schoolmaster.?I am planning to produce a book about it as soon as I can, but as usual there is a financial problem, because no publisher would accept a book which put the state educational system in a bad light, so it is another of the books we shall have to publish ourselves.


As I have said before, I hope you will try to drop in if you are ever in Oxford, but we would appreciate at least a day's warning.?