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Enclosed copy letter to temporary person working here, trying to get her informed enough to mention us to the Oxford population.


There are a number of reasons which might make someone want to come and work here, unfortunately all very rare.


(a)    Should (but doesn’t) appeal particularly to high IQ people: since the modern world makes it so difficult to get a tolerable life, desirable to form co-operative enterprise to set up independent university and publishing company supported by business empire, investment being of primary importance in the latter.?No reason for people who are not particularly IQful to consider themselves excluded, they are very welcome, and there are many slots for people to come and work full or part-time in what are regarded as relatively unskilled capacities.? Anyone doing so for less than a full market rate to assist our progress will be regarded as a partner in any long-term success and benefits that may be achieved, just as much as if they were doing something ostensibly more statusful.


(b)    Wish to prevent lives of geniuses being agonisingly frustrated and unproductive, who are being artificially prevented from contributing productively to the advancement of science and to intellectual debate.


(c) Wish to assist the happening of something that might be really significant, and

    ?which without help may be aborted.


(d)    Wish to solve the problem of existence as a finite being.


(e)    Wish to be in an environment somewhat less hostile and distorting than

prevails outside of here.


(f)     Wish to be in an expansive and progressive environment, which can only at present be a postponed objective to be worked towards, on account of the fewness of the people who wish (or have ever wished) to help it become that, and the large number of people who have wished to maximise the constriction of the situation.


(g)    A wish to contribute to the wellbeing of some people who could be made much happier than they are at present with more co-operative associates, whereas at present they are pretty depressed at the impossibility of progressing with too few people and far too little money.? (Any additional personnel will increase our ability to make money, one way or another.)