Letter about our need for people to come and work here, either to do full or part time jobs, or to make a permanent career here


I still hope you may come and see me, but since my primary objective in wanting that is so that there are a few people outside of here who can mention our need for people to others, I may as well start by sending you some information.


I enclose a biographical sketch which places in context some of the things on which I would be doing research if not prevented by lack of funding, which means not only money for research expenses but an income adequate to provide myself with an institutional environment equivalent to a college with dining facilities and a research department (at least one).


Ever since I was thrown out at the end of my ruined 'education' I have been working towards setting up an independent university supported by a business empire, so you see there is a need for a lot of people. The first objective is the college environment with dining facilities, then I shall add the first research department.


When we have made enough money it will be possible to get people by paying them large salaries, meanwhile we need people to work with us as partners in making enough money to reach the first objective.


It may well appear risible to be aiming at so remote an objective as a starting point but that is what I need for the scale of research which is necessary to be done.


A publishing company is also necessary as a lot of books should be written and re-published of a kind which is virtually censored in the modern world. There is no one else providing a counterblast to the ideology which is almost universally, and copiously, poured out. The publishing company comes quite early on, and will be expanded as the first research department is built up.


Of course there is everything against getting people to co-operate in such an enterprise. People are discouraged from thinking of money as a prerequisite of purposeful activity, and from the idea of forming cooperative (but necessarily structured) associations in order to make it, or in order to do anything else requiring differentiation of function, come to that. On the other hand they are encouraged to identify with doing "their own thing'" in some shape or form on a solo basis, focussing on the immediate "interest" of what they are able to do in such a way.


This places them in a weak position which constitutes no threat to the status quo.


Well, that is a start. I am aiming to get a hundred people to form the business empire and the college etc being supported by it. The sorts of business that might be set up would depend partly on the people who came and what they appeared to be suited to doing.


If I don't see you in person soon, I will try to add to the above information from time to time.? There is quite a lot to be said since one cannot refer to established paradigms, in fact needs to reject many that are likely to occur to people.